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Australian School of Petroleum Research Seminars 2017

These seminars highlight research being conducted by researchers within the Australian School of Petroleum (ASP) and visitors to the ASP. Presentations will cover a range of disciplines focused around petroleum engineering and petroleum geology, with other areas of research expertise including petroleum management and decision making, and developments in learning and teaching. Whilst presentations will include details of new research findings and thinking, they will also be accessible to a non-specialist (i.e. mixed engineering and geoscience) audience.

When: Wednesday lunchtimes, 12.10 – 1pm until the end of June and Tuesday lunchtimes from July to December.

Where: Ground floor of the Santos Petroleum Engineering Building, room G.13.

Weekly seminars will continue until December; further dates in the schedule will be added as the year progresses.

For more details or to volunteer to give a presentation, please contact

Date Presentation 1 Presentation 2
15th February

Sandra Mann

What happens during early stage marine transgressions? New outcrop analogue and subsurface data applied to better predict likely reservoir target locations

Abbas Movassagh

Surface Texture Mapping and Roughness Analysis for Coupling in Hydraulic Fracturing Simulation

22nd February

Roozbeh Koockak

Using Variance of well logs as a qualitative indicator of Rock texture

Fahd Saghir

Research Proposal: Adelaide University Test Well 1: detailed design of surface facilities and scada system

1st March

Mike Fei (with Jack Pokalai)

An Experimental and Numerical Investigation into Foam Stability and the Effects on Hydraulic Fracture Application

Erik Dunlop

Cooper Basin Deep Coal Hydraulic Gas Surge Simulator

8th March

Abdullah Al-Sarihi

Analytical and experimental study of improved oil recovery by low salinity waterflooding

Natalie Debenhan

Subsurface fluid flow through fractures in sedimentary basins

15th March

Hugo Burgin

Palaeo stress, brittle deformation and structural history of the Otway Basin

Pavel Bedrikovetsky

Reactive flows in porous media

22nd March

David Kulikowski

Deciphering the structural story of the Cooper Basin

29th March

Douglas Watson, visiting from the University of Aberdeen

The Subsurface Character of Volcanic Tuffs in the Faroe-Shetland Basin and Their Importance in Hydrocarbon Exploration

5th April

Ti Hoang

Reservoir Characterisation Using Hydraulic Flow Zone Unit Approach on Core Measurements

12th April

Mark Bunch

Digital rendition of sedimentary geology for resource quantification

19th April

Mary Gonzalez

Flipping the classroom: Focusing strategies to engage your students

26th April

Harry Nguyen

Development of a new technology for productivity enhancement of low permeable coal seam gas

3rd May

Melissa Craig

Does Organic Matter Have an Unacknowledged Influence on the Dynamics and Deposits of Fine-Grained Submarine Sediment Gravity Flows?

10th May

Fengtao Guo

Lithofacies analysis and sequence stratigraphy of the Roseneath-Epsilon-Murteree gas plays in the Cooper Basin, South Australia

17th May

Jack Pokalai

Optimization of Hydraulic Fracturing and Flowback in Unconventional Reservoirs in the Cooper Basin

24th May

Gabriel de Veiga Cabral Malgaresi

Analytical model for fines fixing by nanoparticles

31st May

Larissa Boechat Chequer

A new phenomenon of non-monotonic permeability variation during fines migration in porous media

Visiting HDR student Rachelle Kernen, University of Texas – El Paso

Title TBC: Rachelle’s research is focused on salt tectonics and sedimentation, and fluid flow in salt diapirs. She has a history of working in the petroleum industry and links her research to oil and mineral exploration

7th June

Alireza Salmachi

Cross-Formational Flow of Water into Coalbed Methane Reservoirs: Controls on Relative Permeability Curve Shape and Production Profile

14th June

Carmine Wainman

Overcoming challenges in non-marine stratigraphy using a multidisciplinary approach: an example from Mesozoic basins of eastern Australia

21st June

Thomas Russell

Injectivity decline due to fines migration: laboratory and mathematical modelling

Sara Borazjani

Mathematical modelling of low-salinity water-flooding in oil reservoirs

28th June

Simon Holford

IODP scientific drilling in the western Ceduna sub-basin, Great Australian Bight

Belle Yu

Research Proposal: Re-interpreting palaeo-environments of the Permian to Triassic Sydney Basin – application to facies interpretation, sequence stratigraphy and coal geology

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