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South Australian Virtual Reality Centre (SAVRC)

This state-of-the-art fully-immersive 3D visualisation facility enables the University of Adelaide to join the small number of institutions using such equipment for teaching and research.

With this technology, geoscientists can analyse and interpret seismic data, well logs, reservoir pressure and rock saturation data simultaneously, "walking through" a 3D representation of underground rock structures.

The use of virtual reality techniques is not restricted to petroleum geoscience and engineering, and the facility is available to the educational, scientific and industrial community in South Australia.

Architects, designers, mechanical engineers, scientists, doctors and many other professionals can visualise their working environment as if they are within it. Surgeons, physicians and anaesthetists might, for example, gather to plan operating strategies based on their analysis and discussion of CAT scan data translated into 3D images. Linked to similar facilities in other countries, visualisation technology can allow international collaboration for challenging and complex scientific, engineering and medical  projects to an extent only dreamed of a few years ago.

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South Australian Virtual Reality Centre, Australian School of Petroleum
Australian School of Petroleum



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