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Cumulative Listing of Student Theses

Below is a cumulative list of all theses completed by students of the ASP (2003 - now) and the NCPGG (1986 - 2002). Dates shown are the year of completion. Entries are ordered alphabetically by the author's name within each degree category. Clicking on the author's name will display the thesis abstract, where available.

The majority of theses can be viewed and downloaded via the Digital Database at the Barr Smith Library.

Theses can be consulted at the ASP library, if unavailable at the Barr Smith Library. Some theses may not be accessible due to confidentiality agreements with sponsor companies.

Because of agreements between the NCPGG and the University of South Australia (formally the South Australian Institute of Technology) and the Flinders University of South Australia, some NCPGG students were enrolled through these institutions. In these cases, the degree and institution are noted in the listing. All other theses were submitted for degree programs at the University of Adelaide.

  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) and Equivalent

    AHMADI, Babak 2010 - Hydrocarbon Prospectivity of the Arckaringa Basin, South Australia, With Emphasis on Pre-Permian and Permian Reservoir Quality

    AHSAN, A. 1996 - Petrology and Facies Analysis of the Upper Sand, Hyland Bay Formation, the Petrel Gas Field, Bonaparte Gulf, Northern Australia

    AL-OJEH, M. 2009 - Sequence Stratigraphic Interpretation of the Cape Range Group in the Dampier Sub-Basin: An Investigation of Low Sonic Velocity Intervals. Confidential until November 2011

    AL SHEKAILI, Aadil 2013 - 3D Reservoir Architecture of Alluvial Fan; Christies Beach Formation, Sellicks Beach

    ALTMANN, Carl M. 2011 - Structural History Of The Officer Basin: 2D Seismic Data Interpretation and Evaluation of the Structural Geology of the South Australia/Western Australia Officer Basin

    ALZAHRANI, M. 2010 - The Depositional Relationship Between Sand and Coal in the Permian Toolachee Formation, Psyche & Baryulah Areas of the Cooper Basin, SW Queensland

    ANDERSON, B.W. 1989 - Characterisation of the Cretaceous and Early Tertiary sandstone reservoirs of the Duntroon Basin, Offshore South Australia

    ANDERSON, Chloe 2015 - Reservoir complexity in the Mid Jurassic J28-J30 Succession, North Carnarvon Basin, Northwest Shelf, Australia

    ANTENERO C., 2014 - The Sedimentary Facies and Paleogeography of the Birkhead Formation, Western Flank, Eromanga Basin

    ARMENER K.J.M., 2014 - Characterisation of Carbonate Cemented Zones in the Paaratte Formation of the Victorian Otway Basin and Bass Megasequence of the Bass Basin using Wireline Log Data

    ARNDT, L.B. 1986 - A Geoseismic Interpretation of the Early Permian Epsilon Formation Truncation at the Daralingie Unconformity in the Kidman Complex, Cooper Basin, South Australia

    AULD, K.A. 1994 - Thermal Maturation and Fluid Movement Modelling Based on Regional Seismic, Barrow Sub-basin, Western Australia

    AUSTIN, R. 1992 - Source Potential of the Early Cretaceous Laira Formation, Western Otway Basin

    BAILEY, Adam H. E. 2011 - Integration Of Structural, Stress, and Seismic Data to Define Secondary Permeability Networks Through Deep Cemented Sediments in the Northern Perth Basin

    BAINES, C. 1997 - Tectonic Modelling, East Coast Basin, New Zealand. (BAppSc(Hons), USA)

    BAKER, D.L. 1997 - Sedimentary Modelling (SEDSIM) of the M. Australis Sediments on the Southern Enderby Terrace - Lewis Trough Area, Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia. (BAppSc(Hons), USA)

    BALDASSO, F. 1993 - Palaeotectonic Reconstruction and Evolution of Petroleum Systems at the Copernicus Basin Margin, Northeastern Browse Basin, Australia

    BARNES, C.R. 1994 - A Seismic-Based Structural Interpretation of the Petrel Sub-Basin, Bonaparte Gulf, Northern Australia

    BARNES, Michael 2015 - An investigation of the controls on the number and spacing of coastal channel systems in Madagascar

    BEAUMONT-SMITH, N.H. 1994 - Definition of the Top Crayfish Group Unconformity, Western Otway Basin, South Australia

    BEKKERS, P. 1996 - Geohistory, Thermal Maturation and Migration in the Barrow Sub-basin, Western Australia, with Emphasis on Gazettal Blocks W96-17 and W96-18

    BELFORD, A.D.M. 1989 - A Seismic Sequence Stratigraphic Study of the "Weaber Group Sub-basin" in Permits WA-128-P and WA-211-P, Bonaparte Gulf

    BELL, T.R. 2013 - An Investigation into the Causal Mechanisms of Hydrocarbon Seeps in Passive Margin Environments: A case study from the Yampi Shelf, Browse Basin

    BELOSEVIC, P. 2010 - Gross Seismic Facies Mapping of the Tertiary Overburden and Implications for Shallow Hazards, Browse Basin, North West Shelf, Australia

    BENNETT, Alexandra S. 2011 - Understanding Fluvial Sand-Body Size for Modelling and Development Planning in the Lower Toolachee Formation of the Moomba Field, Central Cooper Basin, South Australia

    BENNETT, Bradley S. 2011 - Spatial and Depositional Analysis of Middle Cambrian Hydrocarbon Prospects in the Southern Georgina Basin, Northern Territory

    BENSON, Alex 2011 - Distribution and Origin of Overpressure in the Nile Delta

    BEST, H. 1999 - Sedimentology, Sequence Stratigraphy and Reservoir Potential of the Warrinilla Field, Bowen Basin

    BIANCHI-ROSSI, Anthony. 2003 - Murta Formation Seal Analysis: Seal Capacity and Geometry of Subunits M5 and M1, Southern Cooper/Eromanga Basin, South Australia

    BLACK, R. 2010 - Will the Coals in the Cooper Basin Preclude Success for 3D VSPs?

    BLANK, J. 1999 - Late Oecene - Early Oligocene Sequence Stratigraphy of the Nearshore - Transition zone Latrobe Group, Ninety Mile Beach, Gippsland Basin

    BON, N. 1999 - Reservoir and Production Properties of the Toolachee and Patchawarra Formations, Cooper Basin, South Australia

    BOORMAN M.J., 2014 - Mechanisms of Secondary Porosity Development in the Patchawarra Formation, Moomba North Area, Cooper Basin

    BORRETT, J. 2007 - Thermal and Burial History Modelling of the Tuzluk and Soh Permit Areas, Southern Fregana Basin, Kyrgyzstan

    BOSHOFF, Rian 2014 - Sedimentology and Sequence Strtigraphy of the Permain Glacial Succession of the Canning Basin, Australia

    BOUCHER, R.K. 1991 - The Tectonic Framework of the Murteree Ridge, Warburton Basin: Structural Implications for the Cooper and Eromanga Basins. (BAppSc(Hons), USA)

    BRACIC, A. 1992 - Exploration, Exploitation and Economics of the Possible Petroleum Provinces Discovered in the Carnarvon Basin Since 1988

    BREEN, D.A. 2006 - Assessing Targets for Hydraulic Fracture Stimulation in the Cooper Basin Using Drilling and Wireline Log Data

    BRIGG, S.J. 1995 - An Assessment of Some Methods for Correcting Distortions in Seismic Data Over Near Surface Reefs. A Case Study of the Krill Reef, ZOCA 91-01, Timor Sea

    BRINCAT, M.P. 1992 - Seismic Interpretation of Structure and Stratigraphy, Permit T-15-P, Durroon Sub-Basin, Off-Shore Northeastern Tasmania

    BROWN, C.J. 2009 - The Continuity of Sands in the Winton Formation, South Australian Sector, Eromanga Basin

    BROWN, R. 1998 - The Origin and Distribution of Siderite Layers Within the Wandoo Field, Dampier Sub-Basin, Australia

    BROWNE, M.V. 1987 - A Sedimentary and Structural Evaluation of the Fly Lake-Brolga Field, Cooper Basin, South Australia

    BURGIN Hugo B. 2015 - 4D Fracture Distribution as a Signature of Structural Evolution in the Otway Basin

    BURGESS, J.M. 1993 - Sedimentology and Diagenesis of Potential Permian Reservoir Sandstones, North Perth Basin, Western Australia

    BYSTERVELD, N. 2014 - A 2D Seismic Stratigraphic Interpretaion of the Basal Hammerhead Supersequence, Bight Basin, Offshore South Australia

    CARBONE, M. 1993 - Permeability Controls Within the Tirrawarra Sandstone, Gidgealpa Field, South Dome. (BAppSc(Hons), USA)

    CARTER, S.R. 1991 - A Comparison of Structural Styles East and West of Cape Otway

    CATHRO, D.L. 1989 - Sedimentology of Halite Evaporites From the Paleozoic Carribuddy Formation, Canning Basin, Western Australia

    CEGLAR, N. 1999 - Late Jurassic to Early Cretaceious Sequence Stratigraphy, Northern Bonaparte Basin, Timor Sea

    CHANDLER, E.S. 2003 - Pressure Constraints with Respect to Rault Seal Integrity and Reservoir Flooding in the Patchawarra Trough, Cooper Basin

    CHAPMAN, T.R. 1998 - Seismic Tectono-Stratigraphic Study of the Pleistocene in the Sunrise/Troubadour Area in Relation to Eevelopment of Future Infrastructure

    CHATFIELD, K.A. 1992 - The Relationship Between Volcanics, Associated Intrusives and Carbon Dioxide Within the Otway Basin, South Australia

    CHEDID, R. 1988 - Study of Bennett Field. (Grad Dip, SAIT)

    CHRISTIAN, L.R. 1994 - A Review of the Micropalaeontology of the Seaspray Group, Gippsland Basin, Victoria

    CHRISTIANSEN, D.J. 1992 - The Hydrocarbon Potential of a Western Portion of the Lambert Shelf, Dampier Sub-Basin, Western Australia

    CLARK, V.S. 1990 - A Structural Interpretation of the Goodwyn South/Tidepole area, Rankin Platform, North West Shelf, Western Australia

    COOPER, A.McG. 1991 - Late Proterozoic Hydrocarbon Potential and its Association with Diapirism in Blinman #2, Central Flinders Ranges, South Australia

    CONLAY, S.J., 2014 - Pore Pressure and Geomechanical Assessment of Nappamerri Trough Wells with Emphasis on the Exploration and Development of Unconventional Petroleum Resources

    CONTI, J., 2014 - A Stratigraphic Study of the Crayfish Group in the Penola Trough, Otway Basin!

    CORKE, M. 2014 - Investigating the Link Between Depositional Process and Stratigraphic Connectivity in Marginal Marine Systems

    CORREIA, Samuel Paulo da Graça, 2013 - Hydrocarbon Prospectivity of the Onshore Stansbury Basin, South Australia

    CORRIE, G.D. 1992 - Evolution and Petroleum Prospectivity of the Eyre Sub-Basin, Offshore Western Australia

    COTTON, T.B. 2003 - Petrological Analysis of Mineral Scales Formed Furing Gas Production From Permian Reservoirs in the Cooper Basin

    COUZENS, M. 2003 - Early Cretaceous Sequence Stratigraphic Architecture, Enderby Terrace, Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia

    COX, A.F. 1989 - A Seismic and Petrophysical Study of the Pelican Field, Bass Basin

    CRABB, I. P. A. 2001 - A PetrophysicalIinvestigation of low Resistivity Hydrocarbon Zones in the Moran Field, Papua New Guinea

    CRAIG, M.J., 2014 - Impacts of Clay Type and Concentration on the Structure of Turbidity Current Flows

    CRIMES, A.C. 1995 - Modelling of Thin Bed Sands in Fluvial-Deltaic Environments of the Southern Cooper Basin, South Australia

    CRUTCHFIELD, S.C. 1991 - Geological and Geophysical Evaluation of the Malmsey Prospect, North West Shelf, Western Australia, WA-28-P

    CUBITT, C.J. 1992 - Diagenetic Controls and Reservoir Evaluation of the Eastern View Group, Bass Basin, Tasmania, Australia

    , Cristino 2013 - Sedimentology of The Christies Beach Formation Alluvial Fan Deposits

    DAMTE, S. 2002 - Analysis of the Sealing Capacity of the Flaxmans Formation and the Belfast Mudstone in the Vicinity of the Shipwreck Trough, Otway Basin, Victoria

    DAVIES, K.L. 1995 - Reservoir, Thief and Seal Potential of Aptian Radiolarite in the Timor Sea (BappSc(Hons), UTS)

    DAVIS, C.N. 2009 - Pre-Permian Structural Evolution of the Western Flank of the Cooper Basin, with Implications for Migration Pathways. Confidential until 28/2/2011

    DEAN, Peter 2011 - Sequence Stratigraphy and Gross Seismic Facies Mapping of the Mid to Late Eocene Traralgon Formation, Gippsland Basin

    DELLER K.E. 2003 - The Deepwater Sedimentology of the Outer Browse Basin Shelf, Slope and Canyons - an Integration of Shallow Piston Cores, Swath Bathymetry and Shallow Seismic Data

    DENNIS, Jamie R. 2011 - Qualification and Quantification of Coal in the Patchawarra Formation of the Southern Cooper Basin: Significance to In-Situ Coal Aquathermolysis

    DENVER, T.E. 2005 - Petroleum Prospectivity of the Permian, Triassic and Jurassic Sediments Adjacent to the Peedamullah Shelf, Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia

    DHARMARAJAH, V.L. 2008 - Geological Controls on Production of Coal Bed Methane and Development of the Argyle Block, Surat Basin, Queensland

    DIAS, J.V. 2006 - Structural Analysis of the Kirthar Fold Belt and Lower Indus Basin, Southern Pakistan

    DiBACCO, M.P. 2004 - Spectral Gamma Ray Characterisation of the Dongara Sandstone, Perth Basin, W.A. Applications to High-Resolution Correlation

    DIGANCE, Carissa J. 2012 - A Seismic Sequence Stratigraphic Model Oo Miocene Reef Systems, their Depositional Environment and Implications For Shallow Drilling Hazards In The Browse Basin, North West Shelf, Australia

    DIGHT, M.M. 1996 - Seismic Inversion for Porosity in the Showgrounds Sandstone

    DJAKIC, Anthony L. 2013 - Investigating Pluto-Wheatstone Triassic Tratigraphic Architecture of the Mungaroo Formation, Northern Carnarvon Basin: Towards Reduction of Subsurface Uncertainty

    DOLENSKY, I. 1996 - Rock Properties of the Upper Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous Northern Bonaparte Basin, Timor Sea

    DONLEY, J.A. 1993 - The Effect on Seismic Data of the Phanerozoic of the Beetaloo Sub-Basin, McArthur Basin, Northern Territory. (BAppSc(Hons), USA)

    DRAGE, I.H.J. 2008 - De-Risking Late Triassic Channel Systems Using 3-D Seismic Geomorphology. Confidential until 11/2010

    DRAPER, P.C. 1994 - Secondary Migration Fairways and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Southern Enderby Terrace, Northern Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia

    DUBSKY, M. 1999 - Reservoir Quality and Distribution of the Late Jurassic Sands, Dampier Sub-Basin, Western Australia

    DUCKETT, A.K. 1988 - Sequence Stratigraphy Outlining the Depositional History of the Barrow Group, Barrow Sub-Basin, Northwest Shelf, Western Australia

    DUNBAR, A. 2000 - The Search for Submarine Fan Complexes in the Upper Cretaceous, Browse Basin, Northwest Shelf, Australia

    EFTHYMIOU, E. 2007 - Wireline Log Investigation of CO2-Induced Diagenesis, Katnook and Ladbroke Grove Fields, South Australia

    EID, R. 2009 - Source Rock Distribution and Maturation History of the Gippsland Basin

    ELDRIDGE, M.J. 1992 - The Maturity and Hydrocarbon Prospectivity of Mesozoic Source Rocks in the Vlaming Sub-Basin, Perth Basin, Western Australia

    ENMAN, T. 1996 - Controls on Porosity in the Pab Sandstone, Kirthar Basin, Pakistan

    ENZMANN, F. 1990 - Prospectivity Assessment, Northern Platform Area, VIC/P19, Gippsland Basin

    EYRE, B.D. 1989 - Depositional Environment and Diagenetic Controls on Porosity and Permeability of Early Cambrian Basal Siliciclastics in the Georgina Basin

    FABRICI, Rylan M. 2013 - Seismo-Stratigraphic Interpretation and Prospectivity of the Lower Cretaceous Mentorc Gas Field, North Carnarvon Basin

    FAN, Gonghua 2016 - Neoproterozoic Salt Stratigraphy of the Amadeus Basin: A Comparative Analysis with the South Oman Salt Basin and Other Gondwana Salt Basins

    FAULKNER, T. 2000 - Sequence Stratigraphy of the Late Cretaceous Sherbrook Group, Shipwreck Trough, Otway Basin

    FAUZI, F.A. 2010 - The Depositional Relationship Between Sand and Coal in the Permian Patchawarra Formation in the Coonatie Field, Cooper Basin

    FERNIE, Richard T. 2013 - Oxfordian Rift-associated Unconformity Characteristics in the Northern Carnarvon Basin, North West Shelf, Australia

    FILIPI, I. 2001 - Thermal History and Reservoir Property Correlations with Hydrocarbon Type, North West Shelf, Australia

    FORBES, A.McD. 1998 - Petrographic Characterisation of Reservoir Quality Variability in the Elang Formation, Northern Bonaparte Basin. (BAppSc(Hons), USA)

    FREARS, B. 2006 - Provenance of Late Cretaceous Waare Formation Sediments, Central and Western Otway Basin

    FRY, Clayton L. S. 2011 - The Geological Storage Potential of Supercritical CO2 in the Arckaringa Basin, South Australia

    FYNNAART, A. 2002 - The Influence of Depositional Environment on Reservoir Quality of the Macedon Member, Exmouth Sub-Basin, Western Australia

    GALLAGHER V. 2012 - Reservoir Characterisation of the Jurassic Springbok Sandstone, Surat Basin, Queensland

    GARDINER, L.B. 2004 - The Structural Style of the Kalladeina Formation, Eastern Warburton Basin, South Australia, from the Interpretation of the Christies Field 3D Seismic Survey

    GARDINER, N.P. 2006 - Internal Architecture of an Ephemeral Fluvial Shadow Var from Ground Penetrating Radar

    GARDNER, J.G.A. 1991 - A Seismic-Sequence Stratigraphic and Paleoenvironmental Study of the Windalia Radiolarite in the Barrow Sub-Basin, Northwest Shelf

    GAUGHAN, C.J. 1989 - Early Cambrian Relief Sandstone, Officer Basin, South Australia: Subdivision, Diagenesis and Porosity-Permeability Distribution

    GEBHARDT, Scott, 2012 - An Integrated Core and Wireline Log Approach to Understand the Depositional Environment of the Mid Birkhead Formation, Eromanga Basin, South Australia

    GIULIANO, M.F. 1988 - The Geology and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Pedirka Basin

    GLASSBOROW, B.A. 2004 - Paleosol Development and Floodplain Sedimentology in Relation to Fluvial Reservoir Distribution of the Late Triassic and 5units, Mungaroo Formation, Goodwyn Field, North West Shelf

    GOEDECKE. A.P. 2008 - Volumetric Re-Rvaluation of the Seahorse Oil Field, Gippsland Basin

    GOODALL, A.J. 1993 - Basement Structure of the Simpson Desert Region, South Australia, and its Control on Overlying Sedimentation and Structural Development

    GRANT, C.W. 2004 - Geochemical Analysis of Oils and Condensates from the Gippsland Basin: Implications for Future Propectivity

    GRASSO, C.A. 1986 - The Palaeogeogrphy of Permian Sediments of the Munkarie and Brumby Gas Fields in the Southern Cooper Basin Utilizing Genetic Sequences of Strata

    GRAY, M.E. 2012 - Origin of Anomalous Structures and Their Implications for Hydrocarbon Accumulations on the Exmouth Plateau, Western Australia

    GREGERSON S. 2014 - Integrating Geology and Geophysics to Uncover Permian Stratigraphic Traps in the Caladan/Daralingie Region

    HAKAMI, M. 2010 - Hydrocarbon Prospectivity and Fault Seal Capacity within Gulf St. Vincent

    HALDANE, A. M. 2001 - Seismic Amplitude Responses of Sandstone Reservoirs in the Otway Basin

    HARRIS, J.M. 1993 - The Porosity and Permeability Reduction in Gippsland Basin with Respect to Depth, Facies, Temperature and Maturity. (BAppSc(Hons), USA)

    HAYBALL, A.J. 1990 - Organic Geochemistry of Holocene Lacustrine Carbonates in the Coorong Region, South Australia. (BSc(Hons), FUSA)

    HEAPS, T. 2003 - Late Permian Palaeogeography of the Myall Creek Area, Roma Shelf, Queensland: Application pf Palaeocurrent Analysis of Core and AST Image Logs from the Tinowon Formation

    HICKSON, A.B. 2006 - E Regional Rock Property Model for Triassic and Jurassic Sediments of the Western Dampier Sub-Basin

    HIGH, F. 2009 - Net Sand Analysis of Thin Beds in the Dampier Sub-Basin and Exmouth Plateau of the Northern Carnarvon Basin

    HILLOCK, P.M. 1988 - The Petrophysics of the Nita Formation, Central Canning Basin, Western Australia

    HIRNING, C.D. 1997 - Stratigraphic Modelling of Sediment Distribution in the West Dixon Area, Dampier Sub-Basin

    HISSEY, E. 2008 - Analysis of a Marginal Marine, Thin-Bedded, Heterolithic Reservoir: Implications of In-Place Volumes and Static Connectivity

    HOBDAY, J. 2000 - Hydrocarbon Show Analysis by Spectral Quantification of Fluorescence Examples from Onshore Otway Basin

    HOLDEN, D. J. 2001 - Structural and Palaeocurrent Analysis from Image Log Data for the Patchawarra Formation, Cooper Basin, South Australia

    HOLLINGSWORTH A.J., 2014 - Geomechanical Modelling of Fault-related Fractures in the Toolachee Formation of the Barrolka Field, Queensland

    HOPWOOD, Blair 2013 - A Regional Study of the Toro and Imburu Formation Aquifers in the Papuan Basin, Papua New Guinea

    HUG, C.P. 2007 - Seismic and Sequence Stratigraphy of the Carbonate Dominated Cainozoic Succession and Implications for Drilling Problems on the North West Shelf, Australia

    IASKY, V.C. 2004 - Seismic Sequence Stratigraphy and Facies Characterisation of the G and H Unites within the Goodwyn Field, Northern Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia

    IVANOV, E. 2002 - A Feasibility Study of Three Term AVO

    JACKSON, J. A. 2001 - Identification and Assessment of Illite in Well Chip Samples, Cooper Basin, SA and QLD, Australia: an Extension of Rock Typing Methods

    JERVIS, A. J. 2001 - Characterisation and Mapping of Stacking Velocity and Time Effects of Calcite-cemented Zones, Cooper and Eromanga Basins

    JEUKEN, F.W. 2009 - The Interpretation of Volcanic Vents and Fields in 3D Seismic Data, with an Example Fom the Browsw Basin, North West Shelf

    JONES, P.J. 1988 - Evidence for Diapirism in the Arckaringa Basin - South Australia

    JONG, J. T-S. 1991 - The Source and Reservoir Potential of the Late Jurassic Polda Formation, Polda Basin, SA

    JORAANDSTAD, S. 1999 - Use of Stacking Velocity for Depth Prediction and Lithological Indication in the Challum Field of the Cooper/Eromanga Basin, Queensland

    JUMEAU, A.P., 2014 - A Comparison of AVO Techniques for Reservoir Characterisation in the Presence of Coals in the Barrolka Field, Cooper Basin, QLD

    KAIKO, A.R. 1992 - Regional Ggeohistory of the Northern Carnarvon Basin: North West Shelf, Western Australia

    KEANY, Mitchell W. 2015 - Constraining Late Cretaceous Exhumation in the Eromanga Basin Using Sonic Velocity Data

    KILGARIFF, Kieran A. 2011 - Exploration Opportunities: CO2CRC’s PPL’s 11 & 13, Otway Basin, Victoria

    KING, E. 2004 - The Hydrocarbon Prospectivity of the Emperor Subgroup, Gippsland Basin

    KIVIOR, T. 1997 - Eastern Tasmanian Margin: A Geophysical Study

    KLOSS, O. 1996 - The Relationship of Faulting to Hydrocarbon Accumulations in the Barrow and Exmouth Sub-basins

    KOBELT, S.J. 2014 - Palaeogeographic Mapping and Depositional Trends of the Patchawarra Formation within the Tenappera Region

    KULIKOWSKI, David 2013 - Ultimate Recovery Factor Analysis on the Dullingari Field, Cooper Basin

    KWITKO, S.A. 2009 - Geological Appraisal of the Walloway Basin, South Australia: Implications for the Potential for Underground Coal Gasification.

    LANE, T. 2010 - Gross Seismic Facies Mapping of the Cretaceous: Browse Basin, North West Shelf

    LANIGAN, L. 2016 - Definition, deposition and distribution of the Poolowanna Formation in the southwestern Patchawarra Trough of the Eromanga Basin

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    Petroleum Engineering undergraduate students in the Honours stream undertake a half semester (6 week) project. A report is submitted and marked as part of their assessment. These reports are uncorrected and are not the equivalent of a thesis in the public domain.

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