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Hydrocarbon Prospectivity of the Arckaringa Basin, South Australia, With Emphasis on Pre-Permian And Permian Reservoir Quality.

Ahmadi, Babak

Geoscience Honours Degree, 2010

University of Adelaide


Geological survey and hydrocarbon prospectivity in the Arckaringa Basin, South Australia have been studied by the Department of Mines and Energy South Australia and petroleum exploration companies since the early 1970s.

In November 2009 discovery of residual oil in Maglia 1 by Linc Energy Limited gave more credibility to the earlier discovery of residual oil in the mineral drill hole NB/SR 12 (1978) and proved the existence of a petroleum system in the Arckaringa Basin.

This study aims to assess and determine the quality of reservoirs in the Arckaringa Basin as the essential element of a petroleum system.

This study uses the following methods for its assessment of the quality of reservoirs in the basin:

·         Defining the depositional environment of the reservoirs

·         Petrological analysis of cores and cuttings from the reservoirs

·         Determining the porosity values of the reservoirs through analysis of available petrophysics logs

·         Reviewing the available literature on pervious exploration and stratigraphical work undertaken in the basin.

 This study finds that of the three reservoirs evaluated, the Pre-Permian reservoir (Cootanoorina Formation) is a low quality reservoir, thus minimising the possibility of hydrocarbon accumulation.

The study also finds that the two Permian reservoirs, namely the Boorthanna and Mt. Toondina Formations as primary and secondary reservoirs respectively, are of necessary quality to be the host for Pre-Permian source rock (Observatory Hill or Ouldburra Formations) or for Permian source rock (Stuart Range Formation) if matured.


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