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Integrated production modelling for gas condensate wells in the Northern Cooper Basin.

Ahmad, Wan Zuraidah

Engineering Honours Degree 2008

University of Adelaide


This project aims at developing an integrated production modeling for producing gas wells in Tirrawarra field using PETEX software which are GAP, MBAL and PROSPER. Integrated production modeling is an effective way to study a production system as it includes the entire system’s component from the reservoir until end point. Reservoir modeling is done in MBAL, well performance is evaluated in PROSPER and the imported into GAP, which will integrate reservoir, well and facilities performance. However, in order to build a good model, it is essential to well understood all the components by itself prior to integrating it. The MBAL model is based on the P/z plot will further used to give the OGIP and predict the pressure decline in the reservoir. As for the well, the performance is evaluated using IPR and VLP curve which is basically the inflow and outflow performance of a well of a well that can help better understand on the fluid flow from bottom up to the surface. It is vital to choose the correct correlation and thus the suitability of a correlation to a particular condition is investigated. Surface performance such as flowline system is evaluated by looking at the pressure drop experience which might be due to liquid hold-up, friction losses, etc. This model can also be used to predict the future production of the field. As for the compressor, the model is currently using Gidgealpa’s compressor as there is insufficient data to model the actual compressor in Tirrawarra Oil and Gas Satellite. The set of compressors is proved to be capable of giving a substantial increase of production as shown in the result section.

Australian School of Petroleum



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