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A Seismic Sequence Stratigraphic Study Of The `Weaber Group Sub-Basin' In Permits Wa-128-P And Wa-211-P, Bonaparte Gulf.

Belford, Alexander

Honours Degree, 1989

University of Adelaide


Permits WA-128-P and WA-211-P are located in the Bonaparte Gulf Basin, northwestern Australia. The Bonaparte Gulf Basin is an extension of the Petrel Sub-basin - Sahul Syncline trend, forming one arm of a Palaeozoic rift triple-junction.

Within these permits the `Weaber Group Sub-basin' (informal name) is defined by a linear north-south salt wall to the west, and a horst feature to the east. Major tectonic and subsidence controls on the sub-basin have been interpreted from seismic data shot across the area. To date there is only sparse well control in the sub-basin. Movement of salt into a wall strongly influenced basin floor subsidence and the positioning of the depocentre for the Weaber Group sediments in the sub-basin. Timing of the initial salt movement has been inferred from changes in sediment thickness seen in the seismic data.

Depositional sequence boundaries and systems tracts are defined using models and concepts of Vail (1987), Sangree and Sneider (1987, 1988), and Van Wagoner, Mitchum, Posamentier, and Vail (1987). The episodic nature of the salt movement into the salt wall is interpreted to have caused a significant overprint on the eustatically-derived depositional geometry.

Play types anticipated in the sub-basin include both those associated with salt structures and those predicted from sequence stratigraphic analysis.

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