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The Detailed Construction Of Downhole Completion Of The University of Adelaide Test Well

Chow, Yong Ling

Nguyen, Phoac An

Engineering Honours Degree, 2010

University of Adelaide


The Australian School of Petroleum (ASP) Test Well #1 in The University of Adelaide is a shallow test well with 150 meter depth (505 ft) designed to simulate a gas well with liquid loading. The well has been drilled back in 2002 and has been cased with a 9-5/8” API steel casing. Several potential applications able to be contributed by the test well have been identified. These applications fall in different categories including: undergraduate teaching, post graduate teaching and research in the university, as well as service and training to the industry.

This project is a continuation of the project done in 2009 by Mohammad Azam Aziz, which is based majorly on the theoretical research of the components of completions such as the effect liquid and gas flows rates and pressures and their limitations; burst, collapse and tension calculations for the tubings etc. In this project all those works are checked, verified and updated.

On top of that, the main focus of this honours project is the completion of the test well, which includes the detailed design on the construction of the well, researching of the suitable equipments for the completions, researching of the constrains of the design such as budget, equipment availability, compatibility of the ASP facility to contain and operate the design; obtaining the equipments from the manufacturers or even fabricating the needed parts if needed. Some other important factors of this honours project are, for example, doing a full economic analysis of the test well which includes the detailed cost estimate based on the quotations given by the manufacturers, suppliers and fabricators of the parts; doing a sequence of events for the running of the completions and maintenance, as well as possible completions considerations for the well in the future.

Majority of the producing wells in the Cooper Basin in Australia are gas wells and liquid loading is quite a common phenomenon among the wells. Therefore this project is relevant to the academic world as well as the industry as the well is completed with the purpose of simulating a gas well with liquid loading scenarios as mentioned earlier. With the completion of this well, more studies can be done regarding liquid loading both theoretically and practically using this well. The results can then be used to optimize production in wells with liquid loading not only in the Cooper Basin, but also in gas fields around the world with similar phenomenon through the publishing of the research results.

The test well is also relevant in a way that it provides training opportunities for the industry as completions work is required for the installation of the well. Companies responsible for completions are able to train their workers in this area of completions by using the completion of this test well as an opportunity for training.

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