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Detail Construction Of The Surface Facilities Of The Adelaide University Test Well

Coffee, Gareth Ewan

Trinh, Xuan Vinh

Engineering Honours Degree, 2010

University of Adelaide


Adelaide University Test Well was drilled to a depth of 154m (505ft) and completed in 2001. A superstructure has been built, since 2001, which includes pipe racks and a hoist for downhole completion. This well was drilled to serve as a research and teaching resource for the Australian School of Petroleum (ASP). Some of the proposed applications of the well and surface facilities include multi phase flow modelling and evaluation of process control systems, flow metering and surface processing. In order to complete the well, two honours projects are being undertaken this year to detail the surface and subsurface design. The available power supply, space and funding impose constraints on the design. The aim of this project is to complete the Front End Engineering Design (FEED) of the Adelaide University Test Well surface facilities. The FEED document includes process and equipment specification, control philosophy and maintenance, facilities and infrastructure recommendations. The FEED document generated from this project will form the basis of the detailed design of Adelaide University Test Well surface facilities.

The Adelaide University Test Well will use compressed air and water to simulate production from a natural gas well. The process specified includes a reciprocating compressor and progressive cavity pump to inject fluid down the wellbore. Two phase flow from the wellbore is processed in a horizontal separator and water tank. A Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system integrates process metering with control that is visualised using iFix software. Process and instrumentation diagrams for the process have been developed. Design and sizing of instrumentation has been reviewed by Centralian and documented in instrument datasheets. The total power requirement of the facility is 68.55kW and hence a power upgrade is required. This upgrade could be performed by BESTEC. The facility is estimated to cost $848,788AUD with expected accuracy of ±15%. The detailed design may be undertaken by GPA Engineering or Sage Automation. University liaison and project management could be handled by Synergy Project Management. Oil & Gas Engineering, Transfield Services, Broadspectrum, Ottoway Engineering installation could be employed to install the equipment on site.

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