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Geological And Geophysical Evaluation Of The Malmsey Prospect, North West Shelf, Western Australia, Wa-28-P.

Crutchfield, Stuart Charles

Honours Degree, 1991

University of Adelaide


The Malmsey Prospect is located on the Rankin Platform, North West Shelf, Australia. It consists of a wedge-shaped, uplifted horst block, tilting to the northwest and is similar in style to other Rankin Trend blocks such as Goodwyn and North Rankin which contain large quantities of gas and condensates.

One well has been drilled within the Malus Block but only intersected minor amounts of gas. Source rocks are of Triassic age and have been generating hydrocarbons since the Late Triassic or Early Jurassic and are thus mature to very mature.

The Upper Triassic Mungaroo Formation contains the main reservoirs within the Rankin Trend, sealed by the overlying and regionally extensive Muderong Shale, and by fault seals and juxtaposition faults.

To determine if the Upper Triassic reservoirs not intersected by Malus #1 contain hydrocarbons (and there is good reason to believe they do), it is proposed here that Malus # 2 be drilled in the southern extremity of the block, at the present-day culmination of Unit `G' within the Mungeroo Formation.

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