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Water Production And Hydrate Management In High Rate Gas Wells

Do, Tracy

Taye, Michelle

Petroleum Engineering Honours Degree, 2011

University of Adelaide


High rate gas wells are becoming more popular around the world, particularly in offshore locations. Operators of high rate gas wells must face several challenges, foremost being gas hydrates formation and water production. Hydrate formation is one of the greatest factors affecting flow assurance in high rate gas reservoirs. The problem is exacerbated in offshore developments where high pressures and low temperatures are common (Budd et al., 2004). Hydrate formation causes pipe damage, loss of production and increased operating and running costs. Water production is inevitable in the presence of an aquifer or water flooding. The impact of water flooding is very costly to oil and gas companies, causing damage to wells, scaling, fines migration, increased corrosion in the well and in some cases, an increase in hydrostatic loading sufficient to kill the well.

Through comprehensive literature reviews, this project aims to identify optimum solutions for hydrate and water management as well as the best practices used in industry. Solutions will be identified as being suitable to treat vertical wells for hydrates and water production and horizontal wells for water production. The solutions identified will be used to create a decision making model, allowing the user to input well conditions and decide which treatment method to take. Information from case studies with limited validity have been verified using well models that to ensure the accuracy of the decision making models

All decision making models will determine the optimum treatment to address the issue present for the well condition. Models that will be developed are: hydrate prevention and mitigation in a vertical well, water production prevention and mitigation in a vertical and horizontal well. All decision making models have been validated against case studies to view their performance.

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