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Data Case of Injectivity Decline Parameters due to Reinjection of Produced Water and Injection of Poor Quality Water

Duhan, Sundeep

Engineering Honours Degree, 2012

University of Adelaide


Injectivity decline is a radical problem during injection of any poor quality water. The damage happens mainly due to deposition of solid and liquid particles from the injected water into the formation and build-up of low permeability cake in well bores. Precisely forecasting the injector performance is of immense significance for planning, design and economical comparison of wastewater management decision such as stimulation and fracturing of injector wells.

Therefore, consistent forecast of injector performance should be based on mathematical modelling using coefficients that are well known for a specific well. The mathematical model for injector performance consists of four main parameters: filtration, formation damage and cake erosion coefficient and filter cake permeability. These parameters can be extracted from three piecewise linear injectivity decline curve. In this report, several well data have been treated to produce a database of all four parameters, which can be used for the purpose of further forecast the well injectivity.

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