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Prospectivity Assessment, Northern Platform Area, Vic/P19, Gippsland Basin.

Enzmann, Francesco

Honours Degree, 1990

University of Adelaide


An assessment of the interrelationship between structure, tectonism and stratigraphy on the Northern Platform in permit VIC/P19, Gippsland Basin resulted in the following observations:

  • Eocene structures developed by dextral wrenching are present for hydrocarbon (oil and gas) accumulation.
  • Relief created by early Gippsland Basin tectonism resulted in variable subsidence which allowed sedimentation earlier than previously expected on the Northern Platform; (i.e. Cenomanian, Golden Beach Group sediments may be present).
    1. A variety of prospective structural and stratigraphic plays exist on the Northern Platform.
    2. A Miocene developed Latrobe Aquifer affects hydrocarbon prospectivity of the Latrobe Clastics.
    3. Oil present in the Latrobe Clastics is biodegraded or flushed by the Latrobe Aquifer.
      1. Occurrance of economic petroleum relies on isolation of reservoirs from the Latrobe Aquifer.
      2. Some early Latrobe and Golden Beach sediments appear to be isolated from the Latrobe Aquifer. Reservoir sands within these sediments are more prospective for economic petroleum than reservoir sands within the aquifer influenced Latrobe Clastics.
      3. Economic petroleum may be present south of Leatherjacket #1 within sediments displaying a possible alluvial fan geometry.
        1. The assessment indicated that plays within the Northern Platform in permit VIC/P19 are still prospective for hydrocarbons.

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