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Basement Structure Of The Simpson Desert Region, South Australia And Its Control On Overlying Sedimentation And Structural Development.

Goodall, Anthony

Honours Degree, 1993

University of Adelaide


This project was generated by the South Australian Department of Mines and Enerergy (Oil, Gas and Coal Division), with the major objective of creating a detai1ed 3-D map of the pre-Permian basement (`Z'-Horizon), underlying the Pedirka, Simpson and Eromanga Basins.

Limited oil exploration drilling and a relatively wide spaced seismic grid has broadly defined areas of Permian and Triassic sedimentation in the north east of South Australia and adjacent parts of south east N.T. and western Queensland.

The depocentres, known as the Pedirka Basin and Simpson Basin respectively, are entirely buried beneath the western parts of the much larger Jurassic Cretaceous Eromanga Basin. (The Simpson Basin was defined earlier by Moore (1982) as the Simpson Desert Basin).

The aim of this study is to investigate the stratigraphic and structural relationships within the Triassic Simpson Basin and southern Jurassic-Cretaceous Eromanga Basin in an area bounded by Lake Eyre, the Birdsville Track Ridge and the N.T. border.

This is part of a larger study done in conjunction with Glen McFadzean. Glen's area is to the west of this study area and concentrates on the Permian sediments of the Pedirka Basin. Together a joint area was interpreted over the eastern boundary of the Pedirka Basin and south western area of the Simpson Basin to ensure consistency in interpretation.

Early Triassic to Cretaceous sedimentary horizons were extensively mapped throughout the study area to enhance the knowledge of present sediment distribution and to gain an understanding of pre-Permian structuring and its influence on present structuring and distribution of sediment.

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