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Downhole Concentric Completion & Artificial Lift

King, Richard

Petroleum Engineering Honours Degree, 2011

University of Adelaide


The University of Adelaide is one of a small number of universities in the world that possesses its own research and teaching well located on campus. The well was drilled to provide a unique opportunity for the staff and students of the Australian School of Petroleum (ASP) to experience the simulation of a real world oil and gas well. The ASP Test Well is a shallow well that was drilled to a total depth of 154 m (505 ft) and completed in 2001. It was drilled and completed in consultation with Santos Ltd and Schlumberger Australia. Downhole completion and surface facilities conceptual designs were undertaken in 2009, and detailed completions and surface facilities designs were finished in 2010.

The test well has been recognized as having several potential applications for research, undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, training and service to the industry.

The aim of this report is to complete a detailed design and provide a cost estimate for a downhole concentric completion, the associated wellhead, artificial lift system and all required components. The completion is to be designed such that it satisfies the maximum number of the ASP intended teaching applications and should function in a safe and reliable manner. The components of the well completion will be designed in consultation with industry professionals and in accordance with all current regulations and requirements. A rigorous design methodology has been applied to the design of the wellhead, tubing and casing strings, telemetry and artificial lift systems. A schedule of events for the running of the completion has also been detailed, along with a maintenance plan for all the installed equipment. The final cost for the completion has been calculated via official quotations and will form the financial basis of the completion design to be submitted to the ASP Board for approval.

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