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Review of Upper McArthur Group Stratigraphy in the Glyde Sub-Basin and Correlation with Modern Geophysical and Geochemical Data

Mark A. Mabarrack - 2014

Honours Degree of Bachelor of Science (Petroleum Geology & Geophysics)

Australian School of Petroleum

The University of Adelaide


Previous mineral drill holes such as Glyde-9, which struck live oil and flared gas from members of the Upper McArthur Group created interest in the Glyde Sub-basin which lies within the McArthur Basin, Northern Territory Australia, as a petroleum province. In 2012, Glyde-1, the first petroleum well in the Glyde Sub-basin was drilled by Armour Energy which flared gas believed to be sourced from the Paleoproterozoic Carbonaceous Shales of the Barney Creek Formation, a potential unconventional resource. Despite potential for petroleum production in the area, the distribution of the formations of interest is still poorly understood. The primary objective of the project is to make recommendations for future drilling based on the thickness and lateral extent of total organic carbon (TOC) rich zones within the Barney Creek Formation by interpreting available mineral and petroleum well data to identify formations and divide them into traceable facies based on geochemical and geophysical characteristics. In addition to this, the study aims to re-evaluate the depositional environments of the Upper McArthur Group based on the interpretation of composite HyLog data (mineral drill holes) and wireline data (petroleum wells). Lateral facies changes suggest a variety of depositional environments in close proximity which makes predicting the location of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) rich zones very difficult. However, some key relationships between petroleum well and mineral well data are proposed such as the relationship between high TOC zones from petroleum well data and ‘invalid mineralogy' from mineral drill hole data which may aid in improving the resolution Upper McArthur Group stratigraphy in the Glyde region.

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