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Basement Structure And Control Of Deposition In The Permian Pedirka Basin, South Australia.

Mcfadzean, Glen

Honours Degree, 1993

University of Adelaide


This project was generated by the South Australian Department of Mines and Energy; Oil, Gas and Coal Division, with the intention of producing a detailed map of the pre-Permian basement (`Z'-Horizon) in the Pedirka and Simpson Basins.

Limited petroleum exploration, including several wells and a relatively wide spaced seismic grid, has broadly defined the areas of Permian and Triassic sedimentation in the Pedirka and Simpson Basins respectively. The much more extensive Eromanga Basin blankets the whole region with sediments of Jurassic and Cretaceous age.

This seismic interpretation study has been done as part of a larger project in conjunction with Anthony Goodall. Anthony's area is to the east and concentrates on the Triassic sedimentation of the Simpson Basin. We interpreted a joint area in the central eastern Simpson Basin to ensure consistency between our interpretations.

The aim of this study is to review the geology and structural relationships within the Permian Pedirka Basin by an extensive seismic interpretation study. Late Carboniferous to Cretaceous sedimentary packages, as well as the base of Permian, were mapped throughout the basin to obtain accurate knowledge of the distribution and thickness variations of sediments, and to gain an understanding of pre-Permian basement structure, and to what extent subsequent deformational events had controlled sediment distribution.

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