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Steps in the Development of an Onshore Oil Field Development Plan

McInnes, Monica

Engineering Honours Degree, 2006

University of Adelaide

Executive Summary

This project presents a step-by-step guide for developing a field development plan applicable to onshore Australian oilfields, allowing the engineer to construct a model covering three key components; Geology &Geophysics, Engineering and Economics.

A case study, provided by Beach Petroleum, was reviewed for various onshore field developments in Australia, to gain an understanding of the criteria which determine the viability of that particular field. This project was focused on a low GOR oil field.

From the study, the following points were concluded:

1. Based on economic evaluation, Field A is valid for consideration for further development, to   improve recovery.

2. Two appraisal wells have been proposed to increase field production, and minimize residual oil in Field A, by drilling in the flanks on the south-west borders.

3. Proposed Wells #4 and #5 will begin production in late 2007, upon 3D seismic analysis.

4. Safety components such as an SSSV will be installed in the appraisal wells to increase well safety.

5. Artificial lifting methods (jet pump) will be used in appraisal wells to steady production decline.

6. Field Economics;
            NPV = A$842 M
            CAPEX = A$15 MM
            OPEX = A$12 MM
            NCF = A$7.2 MM

7. OOIP was reassessed to be 6.55MMbbl.

8. Total Ultimate Recovery has been estimated at 374 Mbbls, based on a mean Recovery Factor of 42.5 %.

9. The life of Field A is expected to be 12 years (2001 to 2013)

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