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Core-Log Integration for the Improved Interpretation of Cooper Basin Facies

McRobb, Judith H.

Masters of Science 2008

University of Adelaide


The use of a Cooper Basin core to Image correlation presents advantages for subsequent Cooper Basin wells without the cost implication of running core. This thesis devises an Image facies classification using Tirrawarra 75 and applies this to Tirrawarra 73 with the aim of a depositional interpretation. Whilst studying the core several relationships were noted each producing a characteristic signature, borehole breakout occurred exclusively within sandstones, DITF fracturing appeared within formations such as shale and palaeocurrent directions ran parallel with lithology changes aiding the overall depositional interpretation. Seven facies were identified from core, five facies were identified from Tirrawarra 73 calibrated image log and four facies based solely on Tirrawarra 73 image log. The definition of circumstances where image logs/LWD drilling can be run minus core can be based upon distance between wells, depth of the target formation and the scope of the project. Acquiring core can be considered when no core is available within the basin of interest. When a project requires lihological and stratigraphic detail, core should be taken from the well being drilled or within a relatively close distance.

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