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Reservoir Characterisation Of Golden Beach Group Reservoirs Along The Northern Margin Of The Gippsland Basin.

Nejedlik, John

Honours Degree, 1998

University of Adelaide


This project was designed to characterise the Golden Beach Group (GBG) reservoirs and to determine how the reservoir quality (porosity and permeability) varies along the northern margin of the Gippsland Basin. The main aim was to determine the factors that control reservoir quality along the northern margin, which might include temperature, depth, original sediment composition and diagenesis.

The area of study is the northeast region of the northern margin. The primary area of interest and study is the Kipper Field, although other fields, Sunfish, Tuna, West Tuna, BHP's Longtom wells and other VIC/P19 Shell wells were also included. The information from the Shell wells was obtained from Well Completion Reports.

The following components were included in the study:-reservoir continuity and aquifer support of the GBG, the seismic response of the GBG reservoirs, the effect of volcanics on the reservoir, analysis of the reservoir using GBG core porosity and permeability data, stratigraphy, and an integration of these with petrographic observations and XRD analysis.

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