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Detecting Geo-Mechanical Deformation Using Derivative Curves

Rawat, Vishal and Rokvic, Stevan

Engineering Honours Degree, 2013

University of Adelaide


Geo-mechanical stresses induced by production have the potential to reduce the porosity and permeability of stress sensitive reservoirs, leading to geo-mechanical deformation. In certain cases the induced deformation is significant enough to negatively alter the production capabilities of the reservoir. Reservoir simulation modelling programs have been developed which incorporate the coupling effects of geo-mechanics and fluid flow in order to predict the potential and extent of geo-mechanical deformation.
This study examines the possibility of using well test derivative curves in order to diagnose the presence of geo-mechanical deformation. A three step method was designed based on available literature in order to generate derivative curves from data simulated through a fully-coupled geo-mechanics package. A range of scenarios were simulated and a sensitivity analysis was run in order to identify parameters with the greatest influence on the study.
The study to date was unable to produce definitive results. However it is strongly believed that given further investigation and alteration to the proposed method that this could be achieved.

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