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Underlying Structural Control Of The Beagle Sub-Basin, North West Shelf, Western Australia.

Sebek, Robert Shane

Honours Degree, 1992

University of Adelaide


The Beagle Sub-basin, located in the North West Shelf of Australia, was created as a result of multiple event tectonism which began in the Triassic and ended in the Cretaceous. These episodes of tectonism occurred as phases of rifting, each of which left behind an individual faulting pattern which is easily recognisable and correlatable with its respective phase of extension.

By mapping the basement basinward as far as it was seismically definable, fault patterns were then able to be mapped, from which tectonic domains were identified according to the order in which rifting occurred. Structural cross-sections constructed through these domains then revealed rift-related characteristics confirming the idea of multiple phase tectonism.

The individual tectonic episodes are responsible for distinctive structural styles within their respective domains and have the potential to generate important hydrocarbon traps.

The area covered in this study is considered to be prospective considering the seismic data (coverage and quality) requires upgrading and the number of wells in the area is minimal. This suggests that the lack of success in the past may not be directly attributable to the potential of the basin.

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