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Facies Interpretation And Genetic Unit Mapping Of The Epsilon Formation In The Toolachee Field Area, Southern Ccoper Basin, South Australia.

Smith, Michael James

Honours Degree, 1987

University of Adelaide


Fifteen facies types were identified in 550feet of full hole core from the Epsilon Formation in the southern Cooper Basin. Log signature correlations involving the Genetic Sequence of Strata were performed on the 43 wells penetrating the Permian section of the Cooper Basin in the Toolachee Field region. The resultant four genetic units were then the subject of isopach, sand isopach, and sand percentage mapping. Two major fluvial events occurred in this lower deltaic to lacustrine environment and appear to be independent of structural movement.

Genetic unit mapping, combined with an understanding of the history of the depositional environment, enabled the geometry and trend of larger sandstone deposits to be determined, and the location of potential reservoirs to be outlined.

This mapping technique, highlighting stratigraphic traps, would appear to be most useful where reservoir sands have a localised source and seal - such an environment exists in the Epsilon Formation of the Toolachee Field.

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