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An Evaluation Of Reservoir Distribution Within The Mereenie Oil And Gas Field, Amadeus Basin, Northern Territory.

Spicer, Raymond D.

Honours Degree, 1992

University of Adelaide


The purpose of this study is to undertake a facies interpretation, based upon characteristic shapes contained in well log responses, then to evaluate the distribution of the sandstone reservoirs of the Mereenie Oil and Gas Field.

The Mereenie Field is located in the north central region of the Amadeus Basin in Central Australia. It lies approximately 250km west-southwest of Alice Springs and is approximately 100km west of the Palm Valley Gas Field, the only other field which is currently on production in the Amadeus Basin. With its name derived from the Mereenie Range, which lies 50km to the northeast, the Mereenie Field is operated by AGL Petroleum for the Mereenie Joint Venture.

The geology of the Amadeus Basin has been studied in detail by a number of authors this century.

Douglas Mawson and Cecil Madigan pioneered much of the early work and published several papers in the Quarterly Journal of The Geological Society of London in the early 1930s.

In the late 1950s, and early 1960s, the Bureau of Mineral Resources (BMR) conducted a program of surface mapping and geophysical surveys which culminated in the publication of a series of 1:250,000 map sheets. These have provided the basis for much of the research and exploration effort to date.

Because of the technological advances which have been made in remote sensing and geophysical surveying, the BMR, in consultation with other research groups and industry, decided in 1983 to undertake a new study of the Amadeus Basin. The objective was to provide the best possible technical basis for future resource assessment and exploration. Consequently BMR Bulletin #236, Geological and Geophysical Studies in the Amadeus Basin Central Australia, was published in 1991.

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