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Unconventional Hydrocarbon Resource Potential of the Amadeus Basin.

Sykiotis, Nikolaos

Geoscience Honours Degree, 2010

University of Adelaide


The Amadeus Basin contains two potential unconventional hydrocarbon targets in the Horn Valley Siltstone and the Gillen Member. The Horn Valley Siltstone is the better of the two because it is organically richer. Both of these units compare well with respect to gross thickness, TOC and thermal maturity, to successfully producing unconventional source units overseas, such as the Barnett Shale in Texas, USA. The Mereenie and Palm Valley Fields are kilometre scale structures with disproportionately low reported reserves. This is attributed to the tight nature of their reservoirs and the difficulty in accurately estimating the fracture volume of the Palm Valley reservoir. Mass-balanced, kinematic modelling using 3DMOVE was performed on the Palm Valley Structure and the results confirm that the paleostress direction trended N-S. Mechanical modelling using Poly3D was used to estimate the contemporary stress and strain fields and to estimate the amount of vertical displacement on the Palm Valley Structure. The amount of vertical displacement on this structure is in the order of 20 cm at most. Vertical displacement can be used as a proxy for fracture intensity. Once zones of high fracture intensity are identified; they can be linked together using a well targeted artificial fracturing programme. In the case of Palm Valley, any artificial fractures that are created should tentatively trend N-S.

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