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Integrated Production Modeling of the Dullingari and Surrounding Fields in the South West Queensland Region of the Cooper Basin

Venditto, Antonio and Ngyuen, Minh Cong and Ngo, Trung Quoc

Engineering Honours Degree, 2013

University of Adelaide


Integrated Production Modelling (IPM) is an effective approach to model and optimize field performance. It encompasses the key challenges that shared among multi disciplines to manage the asset as a whole. In this project, Petroleum Expert package had been used to carry out this work. IPM models the well and reservoir using PROSPER, MBAL then coupling them into the surface network system built in GAP. Once the model is validated, it facilitates full integration and interactions among different key elements of a field. IPM also allows for the operating criteria to be designed for current as well as future conditions and assists in making appropriate modifications to extend and enhance field production.
This project consisted of developing an Integrated Production Modelling (IPM) for Dullingari gas field as well as assisting in the development of an IPM for Toolachee gas field. The main objectives of this study were to forecast Dullingari field production under current operating conditions and assess several optimization scenarios, these include installation of well head screw compressor, re-cylindering of Lower Pressure compressor at Dullingari Satellite and evaluate the effect of redirecting flow from a nearby region. The paper presents the features of the study area, structure, methodology to build an IPM and discussions on different simulation studies and challenges during the modelling process.

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