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A 3D Seismic Interpretation of the Myall Creek Area, Surat/Bowen Basin: a structural look at the structural-stratigraphic complexity of Myall Creek-8

Katherine L. Williams
Honours - Bachelor of Science (Petroleum Geology & Geophysics) - 2009
Australian School of Petroleum,
The University of Adelaide


The production data from the Myall Creek-8 Well suggests that there is a significant structural and/or stratigraphic component restricting its communication with other wells in the Myall Creek Gas Field and therefore affecting production. The thin fluvial reservoir of Upper Tinowon Sandstone is the host of the complexity, and has been shown from well data to have rapid lateral changes in gross sandstone thickness and net-to-gross of ratio. Excellent flow rates of gas have been recorded from reservoirs in many wells in the Myall Creek area. However, flow rate and reservoir thickness have been shown in the past to have no obvious relationship with each other and consequently reservoir quality appears to be the determining factor for flow rate. Neighbouring wells, such as Noorindoo-2 and Myall Creek East-1, do not have commercial hydrocarbon flows due to quartz overgrowths in the Upper Tinowon Sandstone. Apart from reservoir quality affecting communication with neighbouring wells, it has been suggested that Myall Creek-8 is located within a fault block, and that a fault barrier is causing the isolation of this well from the rest of the field. To address the complexity of Myall Creek-8 and understanding the basin history, the 3D seismic data over the Myall Creek Field was interpreted. Results from this study reveal a potential for a structural trapping component to the Upper Tinowon Sandstone reservoir in Myall Creek-8. However, the possibility of a stratigraphic component still remains. Future studies into the stratigraphy of the Tinowon Formation may provide further evidence for coupled structural-stratigraphic trapping at the Myall Creek-8 location.
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