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Fracture Stimulation Study in Mereenie Field, Amadeus Basin

Zainal, Rosmala

Engineering Honours Degree, 2006

University of Adelaide

Executive Summary

The study area for this project is Mereenie Field, which is located in Amadeus Basin, onshore Australia. The field is situated on an aboriginal land and contained within Northern Territory Petroleum Leases OL4 and OL5. The target reservoirs are in the narrow oil rim that surrounds the gas cap in the Ordovician Pacoota sandstone formation, which consists of thick quartzose sandstone with thin shale interbedding.

This study is focusing on mini-frac analysis based on the data obtained from the wells that have been hydraulically fractured in the Mereenie Field since 1984. The main tool used in this study is Pumping Diagnostic Analysis Toolkit (PDAT), a Halliburton proprietary software package for analyzing mini-frac pumping data. The main analysis performed in this study is Gfunction Derivative Analysis that was used to obtain hydraulic fracturing parameters including fracture closure pressure, leak-off type, leak-off delta pressure and fluid efficiency. Furthermore, instantaneous shut-in pressure and tectonic stresses were also estimated in this study.

Subsequently, all these fracturing parameters were analyzed and evaluated to compare the properties and characteristics of East and West Mereenie areas. Any dependencies and relationships that exist between these fracture parameters were also examined by identifying their correlations. Additionally, the distribution of leak-off types in Mereenie Field was also observed through leak-off mapping. Furthermore, the calculated tectonic stresses were used in this study to investigate their influence towards post-frac performances of Mereenie wells. Finally, the tectonic patterns in East and West Mereenie areas were also interpreted through tectonic mapping based on the calculated tectonic stresses at each well location.

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