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Introduction to Reflection Seismology

Who Should Attend

Geologists, engineers, technical assistants and others requiring a basic understanding of the method and its applications.

About the Course

An introductory course in applied reflection seismology for petroleum exploration and production. It covers the basics of acquisition, processing and interpretation, and gives an overview of the many different techniques available for solving geological and engineering problems.

Course Content

Day 1

  • Session 1: The basics: wave propagation, the convolutional model, velocity, resolution
  • Session 2: Acquisition: sources, receivers, arrays, land vs marine, 3D vs 2D, design
  • Session 3: Processing: aims, processing stream, major processes including deconvolution, statics, velocities, stacking, migration
  • Session 4: Interpretation Fundamentals: data display, synthetics, picking, autotracking, mapping, validity

Day 2

  • Session 1: Structural Interpretation: Velocity anomalies, Depth conversion,
  • Session 2: Stratigraphic Interpretation: sequence stratigraphy, seismic attributes, inversion
  • Session 3: Reservoir/Fluid Interpretation : DHIs, AVO, time-lapse seismic
  • Session 4: Demonstration: interactive interpretation software

Course Duration

2 days

Course Leader

Andy Mitchell

Course Leader Biography

Andy graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree in geophysics from the University of Adelaide in 1974. He worked with Esso Australia Ltd in Sydney for eight years as a petroleum geophysicist, mainly in seismic interpretation, production geology and computer applications. He joined the National Centre for Petroleum Geology and Geophysics at the University of Adelaide upon its inception. Andy teaches courses in processing and interpretation of seismic data in the NCPGG Honours/Master of Science program, which he coordinates. He has presented courses on petroleum geology and geophysics for a number of Australian exploration companies.

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