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Call for proposals for Field Trips

to be offered as part of the
AAPG International Convention and Exhibition
Convention: 13-16 September, 2015

Are you considering offering a field trip? Register your interest now, via:

Do you know someone that you would like to nominate to organise a fieldtrip? You can provide some information here, and we will contact them to find out whether they would be interested.

Alternatively, contact Kathryn Amos and Gresley Wakelin-King:,

Proposals from potential field trip leaders need to be submitted by Friday 15th August 2014 and should contain:

  • Title of the trip
  • A brief description
  • Leader's names and credentials
  • Number of days / hours, and preferred days/dates to be held (pre- or post-convention)
  • Minimum and maximum number of people
  • Expected weather conditions and suggestions for appropriate attire
  • Physical requirements
  • Safety assessment as per the provided field safety guidelines (coming soon).
  • Proposed budget and suggested fee, using the provided spreadsheet template;

Deadline for submission of proposals is Friday 15th August 2014.
Submit proposals by email to Kathryn Amos and Gresley Wakelin-King.

Successful applicants will be notified early October 2014. By mid-November 2014, trip organisers should be ready to supply full information (including finalised trip budget set out in the AAPG's budget form) to the field trip committee for inclusion into the conference program/registration announcement.

Useful information to be considered:

Financial matters:
  • The Australian sponsors for the conferencewill get the profits from, and underwrite the losses of, the field trips. Field trip organisers do not get profits.
  • The costs of the leaders and support crew are borne by the general trip budget, but field location scouting trips are not usually subsidised by the trip budget.Field trip organisers and crew must all be AAPG members (insurance requirement).
  • Field trips should aim to break even at ~75% capacity.
  • The AAPG Global Development and Conventions Department deals with collecting and distributing money from the trip participants.


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