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Australian School of Petroleum Research Seminars 2018

These seminars highlight research being conducted by researchers within the Australian School of Petroleum (ASP) and visitors to the ASP. Presentations will cover a range of disciplines focused around petroleum engineering and petroleum geology, with other areas of research expertise including petroleum management and decision making, and developments in learning and teaching. Whilst presentations will include details of new research findings and thinking, they will also be accessible to a non-specialist (i.e. mixed engineering and geoscience) audience.

When: Thursday lunchtimes, 12.10pm – 1.00pm

Where: Ground floor of the Santos Petroleum Engineering Building, Room G13.

Weekly seminars will continue until November.

For more details or to volunteer to give a presentation, please contact

Date Presentation 1 Presentation 2
2nd August

Hyunsang Yoo

An experimental study on acid-rock reaction with considering spent acid in cabonate acid

 Hosang Kim

Parametric study on the retention characteristics of polymer consdiring oil saturation

9th August

Vitaly Gitis

Physically sound models of colloidal detachment in porous media



16th August

Dan O'Reilly 

Injector well pressure transient analysis with thermal wellbore effects


23rd August

Shuyan Yang

Basic equations for two-phase flow with changing wettability in porous media

Matthew Musolino

Quantifying uncertainty in vertical stress determination

30th August

Yazan Arouri

Well placement and control optimisation under geological uncertainty


20th September

Mohammad Sayyafzadeh

Seismic surveys and marine life: A plea for evidence-based debate, assessments, and regulation.


27th September

Mohammadreza Zare Reisabadi

Stress distribution around wellbore and its application to coal failure

11th October

Shahdad Ghassemzadeh 

Deep learning in simulation

18th October

Gabriel Malgaresi

Non-monotonic retention profile


25th October

Saurabh Naik

Application of percolation and effective medium theory for immiscible two phase flow characteristics

1st November

Mohsen Farraokhrouz

Investigating the effect of layering on recovery factor using fine assisted low salinity waterflooding

8th November

Erik Dunlop

Self-fracturing Cooper Basin deep coal gas reservoirs: Expanding Volume Theory

15th November

Mark Bunch

Aural Interpretation




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