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Improved Business Performance Group

The Improved Business Performance Group (IBPG) is a multidisciplinary team comprised of ASP staff and students conducting research in association with staff from the University of Adelaide's School of Physical Sciences and collaborators from the University of Stavanger in Norway and the University of New South Wales.

IBPG research is directed at improving decision outcomes in industries such as Oil and Gas that operate under conditions of uncertainty and the group's expertise spans the application of economic, psychological and management theory to real world problems faced by industry managers and technical specialists.

Work is funded by a combination of government grants programs and linkages with industry partners, either through funding for specific programs or generally through their support of the "research club", the Centre for Improved Business Performance (CIBP).

IBPG offers research partners specialised training in decision-making under uncertainty, recognition and removal of decision-making biases, real options and portfolio optimisation.

For further information, contact:
Prof. Steve Begg Ph: +61 8 8313 8015
Dr Matthew Welsh Ph: +61 8 8313 8024

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