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Postgraduate Students

The following is a list of postgraduate students who are currently undertaking a PhD in geoscience or engineering.

The projects undertaken by these postgraduate students involve a wide variety of research topics relevant to the oil, gas and geothermal industry, such as geomechanics, carbon geosequestration, sedimentology, palynology, improved oil/gas recovery, unconventional reservoirs, business management and gas injection.

The Australian School of Petroleum holds an annual Postgraduate Conference whereby the students have the opportunity to showcase their research. View abstracts from the latest conference.

Abdullah Said Abdullah Al-Sarihi - PhD Engineering

Tahmineh Amirianshoia - PhD Engineering

Larissa Boechat Chequer - PhD Engineering

Hugo Burgin - PhD Geoscience

Melissa Craig - PhD Geoscience

Tess Dance - PhD Geoscience

Natalie Debenham - PhD Geoscience

Eric Dunlop - PhD Geoscience

Yang Fei - PhD Engineering

Michael Gray - PhD Geoscience

Fengtao Guo - PhD Geoscience

Peter Hawke - Master of Philosophy Geoscience

Tuan Gia Hoang - Master of Philosophy Engineering

Leslie Jenkinson - Master of Philosophy Geoscience

Sam Kobelt - PhD Geoscience

Roozbeh Koochak - PhD Engineering

David Kulikowski - PhD Geoscience

Yang Liu - PhD Geoscience

Gabriel Malgaresi - PhD Engineering

Sandra Mann - PhD Geoscience

Sunny Mishra - PhD Geoscience

Fathima Mohamed - PhD Engineering

Abbas Movassagh - PhD Engineering

Saurabh Naik - PhD Engineering

David Newman - PhD Engineering

Thuan Hoa Nguyen - Master of Philosophy Engineering

Daniel O'Reilly - Master of Philosophy Engineering

Jack Pokalai - Master of Philosophy Engineering

Angie Qu - PhD Geoscience

Thomas Russell - PhD Engineering

Fahd Saghir - Master of Philosophy Engineering

Sume Sarkar - PhD Engineering

Tayallen Velayatham - Master of Philosophy Geoscience

Carmine Wainman - PhD Geoscience

Chen Yu - PhD Geoscience

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