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Health, Safety and Wellbeing (HSW)

The Australian School of Petroleum has a strong commitment to workplace health and safety.

Regular workplace inspections are carried out, and problems which are noted will be considered at School Occupational Health and Safety Committee meetings and appropriate action taken.

Postgraduate students who are new to the School are given an occupational health and safety briefing as part of their induction course.

Student Safety Induction

It is a university requirement for all students to read the School induction presentation. Further information is available in the HSW instructions.

Safety Officers

Emergency Numbers

    Life Threatening - AMBULANCE (0) 000
    Life Threatening - North Terrace Security 35444
    North Terrace Security 35990
    Thebarton Security 34471

    Accidents and Incidents

    All accidents and incidents must be reported to the Health and Safety Representative or your Supervisor as soon as possible, and if necessary an RMSS report completed on the University TMSS website. In the case of a serious or notifiable accident or incident, this must be done immediately, refer to accident/incident information on the HSW webpage.
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    F: +61 8 8313 8030